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This is Narayanan chennai and this regarding my daughter education loan availed in govt bank .My daughter is jobless graduate . im a sick retired senior daughter Availed Bank loan of Rs 2.25 lacs in the year 2007.first disbursment in the year 2007 , second in 2008 , third in 2009 each year Rs 75000 for college tuition fees. so far i paid Rs 1.70 lacs as interest . A/c become NPA in the year 2014. but bank levied interest after the a/c become NPA also and still date the interest and principal component rose to Rs 3.50 lac . but when the a/c become NPA loan outstanding is just Rs 2.25 lac .when i told not to include shadow balance the bank refuses and tell iam liable for Rs 3.50 lac which is interest levied after NPA. is it fair ? is it against banking norms?

2, There are discrepancies in loan a/c statement . Govt provided subsidy during the moratorium period for my daughter a/c . bank levied excess interest against the govt offered full interest subsidy . when we raised with bank manager, Circle office they stand in their claim is righ and ask us to prove As a common man we can raise discrepancies in loan a/c statement against bank higher officials as we dont know banking terminologies. Please guide us on the matter and also show any NGO/ trust or any organisation there to teach common people to learn bank functionalities / terminologies involved in loan recovery so as we can be aware if bank commits mistake . Banking ombudsman hardly favours aggrevied customer. We are poor family bombarding , treating badly for 2.25 lacs loan taken for education purpose

im fully aware im responsible for the loan taken to be repaid by me . but bank not waiving amount and offer reasonable OTS
The following information are required to give an opinion.
1.copy of sanction letter
2 statement of loan account
3.whether any request made in the past to re-schedule, increase no of... Read More
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