The hospital care system is anything but what it is meant to be. A recent study of the...
doctors, Physiology, human physiology, new Physiology, evolutionary biology, medicine, Panchakarma,
Biology, especially human evolution that I learnt in school and college, does not make much...
pain, health, rest, exercise, pain-killer, pill
Is it possible to get rid of pain without a pain-killer pill and no rest?
science, medicine, research, regulation, conflict of interest, good health, wellness
Research and regulatory actions are rife with conflict of interest
epidemic, WHO, World Health Organisation, vaccine, virus hoax, health
Organisations like WHO support virus hoax like Swine flue and Zika, while vaccine firms get rich
Another curse of reductionism in science
science, health, unified science, logical scepticism, universe, Isaac Asimov, Max Planck.
Only a unified concept of science (organised curiosity with logical scepticism) can help us...
Urgent research is needed to get to know more foods containing Laetril (vitamin B17), to help...
mental age, biological age, criminal cases, WH Auden, juvenile justice, Indian Penal Code, IPC.
In criminal cases, quarrelling about 16 and 18 should stop
Homeopathy and Ayurveda will last despite all the scientific pontificating. Is science becoming...
health, spirituality, sharing, caring, healing, Whole Person Healing, Marie Curie.
Spirituality, which translates to sharing and caring in practical terms, is vital
Medical Negligence, Medicine business, Diagnosis in medicine, Modern medicine,
As long as the doctor is sincere, he works very hard to get at the diagnosis, taking into...
Western science, medicine, allopathy, Peter Medawar, reductionism, Western medicine, Peter Kropotkin,
Western science has no satisfactory answer for either of these questions
Medical developments from around the world
When you get up in the morning, if you have the enthusiasm to be of some use to someone...
patient, doctor, medical care, drugs, FDA, Will Durant
‘Hurry’ is the most dangerous word in medical care
meditation, health, mind, Hippocrates, placebo effect
Time and again, the placebo effect is healing people. Now, meditation shows the way
Medical developments from around the world
health, high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease,
Medical students are being taught to rely on outdated, potentially dangerous drugs for treatment...
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