Video Summarize: Transforms Lengthy Videos into Quick Text Summaries
If you are an avid YouTube watcher (who isn’t?) and you watch long, informative videos, this is the app for you. It transforms lengthy videos into quick text summaries. You can adjust detail levels of the summary to your own requirements and even read the summary in your mother tongue
Once the summary is ready, you can have interactive AI discussions within the app, dive deeper into content topics and uncover details that you might have overlooked. And then, you may even share the summary with your colleagues / friends.
Tailored for students, professionals and the eternally curious, Video Summarize is your essential tool for optimising video content consumption. Stay ahead, stay informed and harness the power of smart video summarisation.
Device Info: Detailed Information on the Insides of Your Phone
Yazdi Tantra, 15 March 2024
Device Info is a simple and powerful Android application that gives you complete information about your mobile device with advanced user interfaces and widgets. For example, device info/ phone info includes information about CPU,...
Notein: Ultimate Note-taking App
Yazdi Tantra, 07 March 2024
Notein is your ultimate note-taking app designed to fuel your creativity and supercharge your productivity. Its latest artificial intelligence (AI) assistant instantly generates summaries of your PDF documents and engages in...
Bookmory: Manage Your Book Reading
Yazdi Tantra, 01 March 2024
Bookmory helps you track your reading, manage your books, build a lasting reading habit, and better remember what you read. You can add books, e-books or audio-books to your bookshelf. Use the timer to track your reading and improve...
Ruppu: Quick Access to All Your Important Content
Yazdi Tantra, 16 February 2024
Ever struggled to find that one crucial file, link or media buried somewhere in your smartphone? Ruppu is your ultimate solution for quick access to all your important content, right in your ...
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