Vaccination: The inside story

Our primary effort should be to strengthen the immune system to keep the population healthy. Many of the infectious diseases give life-long immunity after the first attack. This should be harnessed in children instead of trying to vaccinate a child for every mild childhood infection that would otherwise make the child immune for the rest of the child’s life

  “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"—George Orwell

Vaccination comes from the root vacca, the cow. This is a misnomer as cow pox virus was not the one used in regular small pox vaccination, as was originally thought. The recent revelation that the cow pox and smallpox are genetically two distinct viruses proves the point. The only one disease that mankind has so far been able to eradicate from this globe, smallpox, was successfully conquered using the Indian system of vaccination which existed here for “times out of mind.”  This Indian system of vaccination was shown to be 90% effective in protecting the population from smallpox while the unvaccinated segment of the population had 90% death rate in any epidemic, by a great physician-scientist, TZ Holwell, FRS, FRCP (London). Holwell was in India as a part of a team of twenty scientists, all Fellows of the Royal Society, sent here by the East India Company in the eighteenth century to study Indian science and technology, which were in their peak at that time compared to the West. Holwell was a distinguished physician in addition and was a Fellow of the London Royal College.

Holwell stayed on for twenty years in Bengal to study the Indian system of vaccination prospectively, probably using the so called gold standard of medical science today, the randomized controlled studies (RCTs), unbeknownst to him at that time, to get at the truth. Indian vaccination was practised by the Gurus from the great universities of India in Banaras, Nalanda and Taxila annually well before the epidemics started in summer. They used naturally attenuated smallpox virus from the previous year’s epidemic. Natural attenuation consisted of keeping the smallpox pus in chamois leather pouches for a year! The graphic details of the vaccination methods using some of the most sophisticated methods of inoculation as also the results of the 20 years prospective observation are available in Holwell’s original paper presented to the president and Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of London. This document is available even today inside a glass case in the main library of the Royal College in Regent’s Park in London. That could also be accessed online. That report was later presented to the king to make Indian system to be used universally by a Decree of the King.

Edward Jenner’s infamous experiment on his errand boy, James Phipps, aged thirteen, using some of the crudest methods would be considered a criminal act today. Norma Thelms, a cow maid, casually told Jenner, a family doctor in London, that she is immune to smallpox as she suffered from cow pox. Using that pretext Jenner injected cow pox pus into his orphan errand boy who later came down with a near fatal cow pox attack. After James survived by the skin of his teeth, Jenner injected James with live small pox pus from a patient to test his hypothesis. Providentially, as luck would have it, James did not come down with smallpox. That is the proof positive of cow pox vaccination! Unfortunately, distorted history still harps on Jenner as the father of smallpox vaccination. Truth is bitter.

Be that as it may, let us turn our attention to infectious diseases against many of which we claim to have effective vaccines! The list of vaccines grows by the day, thanks to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. Vaccines, with the whole population as their potential clients, are a trillion dollar industry pushed by some of the top business tycoons on the Forbes list. A child in the US today gets about 20 vaccines before it starts to walk and talk! A gold mine indeed! We claim that we have conquered many fatal infectious diseases because of our interventions. The truth is otherwise! Most of these diseases were on the wane long before the medical science came on the scene. Plague disappeared from Europe by the end of 18th century before any intervention or antibiotics came on the scene, diphtheria  death rate plummeted well before anti-diphtheritic serum was made available, tuberculosis deaths had significantly come down long before streptomycin or BCG were discovered.

Affluence with good food and better standards of living coupled with good sanitation had made infectious diseases come down both in Europe since the Second World War and in the US after the 1930s depression abated. Medical intervention had very little to do with the decline. Another biological reason was that most of these diseases are but dynamic ones with their own cycles of waxing and waning. Man claims credit when nature comes to his help. One could only shudder to think that any of the deadly diseases could rear their head at any time in the future when the environment suits them. Give one example of plague. Plague disappeared from Europe when Europe became a degree cooler making it difficult for the rattus rattus (black rat) to survive, replaced by rattus novigenous (white rat). The latter cannot harbor pasturella pestis, the plague germ. If Europe becomes a degree warmer in future, plague might reappear in spite of medical efforts to stop it!

It was Louis Pasteur that wrote that the “soil is more important than the seed” years ago. That golden statement was missed by the medical scientists for ages. The body’s immune system is what keeps us alive and not medical science or the vaccines and drugs. It was a thinking American physician, Theobald Smith, who wrote in 1915 that “any disease might be directly related to the virulence of the germ but is definitely inversely related to the resistance of the host.” How true but forgotten by the medical world until in 1981 a peculiar pneumonia killed two homosexuals in the West. Our attention to the immune system got a shot in the arm only after that. Our primary effort should be to strengthen the immune system to keep the population healthy. That precisely is the essence (bija mantra) of Ayurveda, a great system of medical care. Many of the infectious diseases give life-long immunity after the first attack. This should be harnessed in those non-fatal diseases in children instead of trying to vaccinate a child for every mild childhood infection that would otherwise make the child immune for the rest of the child’s life. A good example is chicken pox, a mild infection in children.
The same in an adult could be a serious malady and could even be fatal. I had a bitter experience myself with virulent chicken pox when I was thirty years old. Even my enemy, if there is one, should not get chickenpox as an adult. With childhood chicken pox vaccination we might be making more adults get chicken pox as the latest research shows that vaccination does not give life-long immunity in chicken pox. May be this applies to many other minor illnesses in children.

It is time to understand the difference in immune response of natural infection vis-à-vis vaccine produced inflammation. There are about 150 genes in the long arm of the 9th chromosome that look after the immune response to infections. The response of the immune system to a natural infection is a very healthy attempt to overcome the infection and stop it when feasible, failing which at least to contain it to a milder form. In the unlikely event of the immune system failing to do either, the victim dies with the germ inside, killing the latter as well in the bargain—teleologically good for the herd. In the ordinary course the immune response to a natural infection gives the patient a full blown life-long immune cover against that particular germ. Every vaccine produces inflammation of a milder degree in most organs of the body including the brain. It is the latter that sometimes suffers a bit more in vaccine-produced inflammations that could be risky.

 However, the vaccine-produced inflammation is a very poor cousin of the natural infection. The immune response here, many times, is only short lived, and depends on the nutritional state of the recipient always. Poor children, the majority in the world, with 46.4% of children in India suffering from malnutrition, are risky candidates for vaccinations as they do not produce enough antibodies in response to vaccination since they do not have enough raw materials (serum proteins) to produce antibodies to vaccines. In fact, certain vaccines like the live oral polio vaccine in such malnourished children could provoke the attenuated live virus to mutate to produce a deadly live virus to infect the recipient and other children in the vicinity! Such epidemics have been reported lately from Haiti, Dominican Islands and the Barbados. There have been nearly 27,000 vaccine-related polio deaths in India until 2007!

Now let us take a look at the other side of the coin. With more than twenty vaccines given to a child, many of them in clusters, they might even confuse the 150 genes in the 9th chromosome resulting in, on rare occasions, the genes producing auto anti-bodies that might attack the body’s own cells resulting in the deadly auto-immune diseases dreaded by the father of immunology, Paul Ehrlich, in his own words as “horror auto-toxicus.” A study of African Americans, most of whom are of East African origin, shows that they have much higher prevalence of autoimmune diseases in the US compared to the Caucasians. Curiously, in East Africa the natives have hardly any auto-immune disease. What could be the possible reasons? One possibility is that in Africa the 150 genes in the 9th chromosome are kept busy all the time by numerous bacterial, parasitic and other infections that the genes have to be on their toes all the time on duty. Whereas in the US, African Americans have such sterile surroundings, thanks to the antiseptic industry that the genes might be lazing away doing nothing. If such genes are artificially tickled with vaccines could they, possibly, produce many auto antibodies in the bargain? Horror autotoxicus indeed!

"What Jenner discovered, though hardly original in its general principle, was that it pays far better to scare 100% of the fools in the world—the vast majority—into buying vaccine than it does to treat the small minority who really get smallpox and who cannot afford to pay anything. It was indeed a very great discovery—worth thousands of millions. That is why this kind of blackmail is still kept going"--Dr Hadwin

(Professor Dr BM Hegde, a Padma Bhushan awardee in 2010, is an MD, PhD, FRCP (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, Chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London. Prof Dr Hegde can be contacted at [email protected])

Alan Schmukler
9 years ago
One must understand the nature of pharmaceutical companies and the people who run them. They have a long history falsifying test data about the safety and effectiveness of their products and of bringing to market drugs that injure and kill hundreds of thousands. The drug Vioxx alone killed 60,000 Americans. It was later revealed that the company withheld crucial safety data. With vaccines, these drugs companies do the same thing. They fought to keep mercury in the vaccines, which serves no other purpose than prolonging shelf life. They will sacrifice innocent children to make more profit. They co-opt government regulatory agencies and corrupt the legal oversight process. The people who run these corporations have no regard for life. They are not business people in the ordinary sense, but rather sociopaths,criminals,in business suits. We need to stop perceiving them as if they ran legitimate businesses.
Replied to Alan Schmukler comment 9 years ago
Thank you
Erwin Alber
1 decade ago
This CDC slideshow is quite interesting and mentions that smallpox virus and cowpox virus are genetically distinct.

Flu vaccines which are known to be virtually useless have to be matched to the flu virus strains expected to prevail in any given year in order to have a protective effect. If the vaccine strains do not match the wild strains, they won't work. Therefore, how could Jenner's cowpox vaccine protect against smallpox? It couldn't, and didn't.

The claim that vaccination eradicated smallpox is a myth used to keep the vaccination racket going - along with the equally false claim that polio vaccination succeeded in eradicating polio epidemics in developed countries.
Erwin Alber
1 decade ago
"Vaccination comes from the root vacca, the cow. This is a misnomer as cow pox virus was not the one used in regular small pox vaccination, as was originally thought."

There was a procedure in place for some time before Jenner introduced his cowpox vaccine, Professor Hedge. This procedure involved the introduction of a smallpox scab taken from someone with a mild form of the disease into the nostril of a healthy person, or by making a scratch into a healthy person's arm, then tying half a walnut shell with a smallpox scab inside it over it. This was known as variolation. It may have prevented smallpox n some people, but also caused outbreaks of smallpox in many cases, resulting in an eventual ban of this practice. I don't know how this practice, which came to Europe from China via Turkey, relates to the similar practice you describe.

After Jenner launched his barbaric cowpox vaccine in 1796, its use spread all over Europe, then to America and many other countries. Initially, the vaccine came from a cowpox blister on the hand of dairy maid Sarah Nelmes. As more vaccine lymph was needed, lymph was harvested from the vaccine blisters on vaccinated orphan children. When opposition to this mounted because of the human rights aspect and because diseases such as TB, syphilis and gonorrhea were spread in this manner, calves kept in special premises were used for lymph production. The calves' bellies were shaved and shallow cuts were made into the shaved skin with a lance impregnated with cowpox lymph. After a few days, when the cuts were festering, the scabs wich had formed were scraped off with a sharpened spoon. The scabs, lymph and decomposing blood which had been harvested was then filtered and some glycerine was added. This was the vaccine which supposedly eradicated smallpox. The truth is that Jenner's vaccine never protected anyone, but harmed and killed countless children and also adults.

Smallpox declined of its own accord once the WHO abandoned its futile vaccination campaigns and focused on strict quarantine and disinfection measures.

I don't know how the procedure you describe relates to this, Professor Hedge. I would appreciate clarification.

When virology was capable of investigating the virus in the copox vaccine, it was found that the virus was neither cowpox virus nor smallpox virus, but a new viral entity referred to as 'vaccinia' which had never been observed before. I was therefore interested your comment:

"The recent revelation that the cow pox and smallpox are genetically two distinct viruses proves the point."

Do you have a link to a description of this discovery? If so, I would appreciate it.

1 decade ago
Prof Hegde - I commend you on a good write-up and voicing your thoughts on the current vaccination scenario. I can also understand why you have quoted George Orwell at the start of the article. Any idea should be heard and open for discussion in an open society.
However - regarding your article here - it would seem that you are advocating a total abandonment of vaccines? Vaccines have played a very important role in immunizing the human race from diseases. Vaccines for smallpox and polio were instrumental in driving the diseases out of our country. The indigenous method you suggest was nothing but a form of vaccination itself. Today's modern vaccines have improved upon the method and made it safer. Are you saying that without the vaccines the disease would have disappeared? Or would an entire country have improved there immunity so much to prevent such deadly diseases?
Your comments with regards to the chicken-pox vaccine are probably right - it seems to be a push by the pharma companies to drive sales. But smallpox, polio, measles, meningitis are diseases which used to kill lakhs of people. It is important to distinguish between necessary and avoidable vaccines. Similarly it is necessary to write articles which would not mislead the gullible public into totally abandoning good medicine.
Erwin Alber
Replied to CapitalistDesi comment 1 decade ago
"Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity."
Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

Abolishing vaccination is in my opinion a great idea, but the people who financially benefit from this money-making and sickness-promoting racket will never allow it to happen as it would threaten th medical-pharmaceutical industry's profits, power and prestige and deprive governments acting on behalf of the psychopathic elites of a valuable tool for social engineering and population control.

My research has led me to the conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

Click on this link to view the graphs which show that vaccines have played no part in the remarkable reduction of infectious disease mortality over the past century:

"I was shocked to find that this whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors find vaccines useful, but when you look at the proper statistics you will find that this is not so."
Dr A Kalokerinos MD, Australia

Parents need to become informed in order to refuse vaccination for their children, until the medical establishment comes to its senses.
Replied to CapitalistDesi comment 1 decade ago
To CapitalDesi:

Your comments start with "I commend you ...." and end with "necessary to write articles which would not mislead ...."

In a short span of a few sentences you contradict yourself.

How can anyone take your comments seriously?!

Like Dr. Hegde has remarked, you seem to belong to the new age tribe of hip-shooters. Instead, try to pay more attention to what is being written! Sleep over it, give more thought! Then your comments will carry some weight.
Erwin Alber
Replied to PrasadK comment 1 decade ago
Vaccines have never prevented anything, apart from health, sanity and common sense.
BM Hegde
Replied to PrasadK comment 1 decade ago
Million thanks, Prasad Sir.
BM Hegde
Replied to CapitalistDesi comment 1 decade ago
Dear Capitalist,

I think you have not read the article properly.
No whe have I even mentioned one should not and should get vaccinated.
The article deals with the other side of the coin about vaccination.
I suggest you go through the voluminous literature on vaccination and related human problems.
After that I would love to have your scholarly comments.
Right now your comments look like off the cuff remarks which do not serve any purpose.
My idea of writing is to give the common man some guidance in this jungle of medical claptrap where he would lose the Rose wood in search of dead wood.
Please give an unbiased thought to this problem. The biggest capitalist in the world has 57 per cent of his wealth in vaccine companies!
He has a right to criticise who has a heart to help.
Replied to BM Hegde comment 1 decade ago
Prasad - I was commending Prof Hegde on starting the discussion on this topic. His quoting Orwell shows that he too knows it will attract discussion.

Prof. Prasad - I do commend you on showing the other side of the coin. It needs to be seen and discussed. I am also aware of the newer vaccines coming on the market etc. I do think that some of these are skippable .. while others like polio/MMR etc should not be skipped. In the article you have not stressed this fact that some vaccines are absolutely essential.
I quote from your comment below -- "if you want I can put you in touch with people who have not vaccinated their children at all even being in theUSA."
Indeed - In the US there is a small movement going on of people who do not want their children vaccinated. Instances have also arisen of these children going abroad - getting the disease and then spreading it among other unvaccinated children.
1 decade ago
I have 2 children (5 & 2 1/2 yrs old). We have not subjected them to the full set of vaccines as "presecribed by WHO" etc. We only administered vaccines for those diseases which can be fatal. We also made sure that no cocktails were administered. Polio was one of the vaccines administered. There is a lot of information on this subject available online and self education will go a long way for all interested parents (or to be).
PS.- 1)My father suffers from Polio and hence having seen the debilitating effects of polio first hand we administered this one. 2) One of my cousins was administered a vaccine in the school (mass vaccination prog.) on a day when she had a mild fever (5 yrs old). The fever increased and then subsided. A month later she became very sick and the doc diagnosed her as being being a diabetic (Type 1). No one in the family of both parents suffers from the ailment. We strongly feel that the ill administered vaccine may have had a role to play. I wish there was a better business model .....!
BM Hegde
1 decade ago
Dear Dishi sab,

Medicine can not be paternalistic. It is a partnership between the patient and the doctor where both put their heads together to finally get what they want.
I can not dictate what you should about your grandchildren.
I can only give you all the available literature, not one sided as we do in modern medicine, and allow you to take your own decison. if you want I can put you in touch with people who have not vaccinated their children at all even being in theUSA. Recent studies show that the unvaccinated children get less diseases.
If you want more details write an email to me and I do not want to put all that in public domain.
You must know that vaccination is the biggest business in modern medicine and some of the world's richest are in it.
They masquarad as great philanthropists!
Replied to BM Hegde comment 1 decade ago
Hi Prof -

How can I email you to get those studies that show unvaccinated kids get less disease? I try to find some on the internet and they are not easy to find! I like to read information on both sides and that side is definitely less available.

Thank you
BM Hegde
Replied to Michelle comment 1 decade ago
None of the writings below are MINE.
I thought these might give you some answer to your querry.
Re: SB 199, An Act Relating to Immunization Exemptions and the Immunization Pilot Program

Honorable Vermont Legislators and Concerned Others:

SB 199 seeks to eliminate the Great State of Vermont's vaccine philosophical exemption. This goal is problematic for many reasons. By way of brief introduction:

I. Philosophical exemptions address a human rights issue. Vaccines cause permanent disability and death.[1] Doctors cannot tell in advance if any given child will become disabled or killed by a vaccine. Therefore, philosophical exemptions are a moral and ethical imperative.

The philosophical exemption is further justified by the fact that we don't know whether or not vaccines provide a net benefit:

• The FDA, CDC and other medical authorities report that only 1% to 10% of vaccine adverse events are reported.[2] That is, 90% - 99% of vaccine harm is unreported.

• Congressional testimony revealed that medical students are taught not to report vaccine adverse events,[3] despite the federal reporting requirement.[4]

• A survey found that only 2.5% of New York pediatricians report vaccine adverse events to the government.[5]

The truth is, there is insufficient data to conduct a vaccine risk-benefit assessment. No one knows whether vaccines provide a net benefit or not.

II. There is substantial evidence connecting vaccines with autism:

• The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has been compensating vaccine-injured children with autism for the past two decades.[6]

• Published studies in 2011 found: 1) A 1% increase in vaccination coverage results in 680 more autism cases,[7] 2) "Documented causes of autism include . . . encephalitis following vaccination,"[8] and 3) There is a connection between the aluminum in vaccines and autism.9]

• In April of 2011, Poul Thorsen, the principal coordinator of multiple studies funded by the CDC used to deny a vaccine-autism link, was indicted on 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of money-laundering.[10]

• A 2011 Freedom of Information Act request uncovered emails showing that the CDC and study authors withheld data showing that the mercury in vaccines causes autism. The resulting published "Denmark" study was used to (fraudulently) "prove" that vaccines do not cause autism.[11]

III. Vaccine supporters, while well-intended, rely on faulty reasoning:

Will failure to vaccinate cause diseases to return?

• About 90% of 20th Century infectious disease decline preceded vaccines. Diseases that had no vaccine declined along with diseases that did. [12]

• Vaccine protection lasts from 2 to 10 years. The majority of our population consists of adults who were last vaccinated as children. Their vaccine protection wore off years, sometimes decades ago. Yet, diseases levels have not increased during recent decades.[13] Lack of vaccine protection has not caused diseases to return.

Was the first polio vaccine a success?

• In 1962, Dr. Bernard Greenberg, Biostatistics Department Head at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, testified before Congress that cases of polio increased substantially after the first polio vaccine was introduced -- 50% from 1957-58, and 80% from 1958-59 -- and that the Public Health Service deliberately manipulated statistics to give the opposite impression.[14] We were all deliberately misled.

• Polio declined in countries that didn't vaccinate along with those that did.[15]

Do exempt children pose a risk to anyone else?

• The CDC says that 5% - 15% of vaccinated children are not immune.[16] They far outnumber the 1% - 2.5% of exempt children.[17] In fact, exempt children may be immune without even getting sick.[18]

Over half of the U.S. population has the right to refuse vaccines for philosophical reasons. To remove Vermont's philosophical exemption would be an egregious error.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alan Phillips
N.C. Bar No. 30436
[email protected]
[1] HRSA, Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, Data and Statistics. Compensation payments to date exceed $2 billion.

[2] (a) Less than 1%, according to Barbara Fisher, citing former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, 1993, JAMA, in the Statement of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Hearing of the House Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources, "Compensating Vaccine Injuries: Are Reforms Needed?", September 28, 1999; (b) Less than 10% according to KM Severyn, R. Ph., Ph.D. in the Dayton Daily News, May 23, 1993; (c) Only 10% according to the CDC as reported by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Fact Sheet on Mandatory Vaccines,

[3] Jane Orient, M.D., Director of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, "Mandating Vaccines: Government Practicing Medicine Without a License?" 1999.

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[5] Hepatitis B Vaccine Reaction Reports Outnumber Reported Disease Cases in Children According to Vaccine Safety Group, National Vaccine Information Center, January 27, 1999.

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[13] Is herd immunity real? Russell Blaylock, M.D., Neurosurgeon, The Epoch Times, January 28, 2010,

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[18] See, e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Vaccines and Immunizations, Glossary, "Asymptomatic infection: The presence of an infection without symptoms. Also known as inapparent or subclinical infection."

Learn more:

Vaccine pushers often resort to an interesting fear tactic to try to mandate vaccine obedience among the masses: They insist that those who are unvaccinated are a health threat to the rest of the vaccinated population because the vaccinated people might get infected by the unvaccinated disease carriers!

The quack logic of such a claim should be self-evident. If vaccines protect people from infectious disease, then vaccinated people should not be concerned at all about being around unvaccinated people. After all, the vaccine made them all "immune," right?

But of course that's all propaganda. Vaccines don't really work at all. They are marketed under a blanket of disease hysteria and pimped by a cult following of medicalized quacks and needle junkies who abandoned real science long ago. After all, who needs real science when you've got the CDC marketing all the fear for you? The CDC is to medicine what George Bush was to the war industry -- spread a little fear and the profits roll in.
The real risk to others? People who routinely take antibiotics
As it turns out, the real health risk that does exist in person-to-person exposure of infectious disease comes from people who routinely take antibiotics. Those who take the most antibiotics become drug-resistant bacteria factories, and they can spread their drug-resistant strains to others around them. Their risk of developing superbugs rises proportionally to the frequency and duration of their taking prescription antibiotics. (

The most dangerous person in your family, it turns out, is not the "unvaccinated" person but the one taking antibiotics! They are human breeding grounds for bacterial mutations that can be downright deadly.
Why hospitals are so dangerous to your health
That's why informed people know the hospital is the most dangerous place you can go, other than working in a homemade meth lab of course. Hospitals are where superbugs pass easily from patient to doctor, and then from doctor to another patient. Hospital superbugs are spread by the medical staff, mostly because they routinely fail to wash their hands before touching patients.

As NaturalNews reported in January, 2010, a whopping 247 people die every day in U.S. hospitals from medical staff failing to wash their hands. (

This is like a jumbo jet falling out of the sky and killing everyone on board every single day. It's like a 9/11 terrorist attacking happening every two weeks. This is one of the most alarming (and preventable) causes of death in America today and virtually no one even talks about it.

Doctors, of course, strongly contribute to the development of superbugs by handing out antibiotics as if they were Halloween candy. Someone shows up at the office with a sniffle, and the busy doctor scribbles out a prescription for some fashionable new antibiotic that earns him perks from the young drug rep whose PC database tracks every name-brand prescription he writes. The patient, meanwhile, spends a pocket fortune on a useless drug that's actually quite dangerous. Not only does it increase that patient's chances of developing a mutant strain of drug-resistant bacteria; it also flushes antibiotics down the drain and contaminates the environment downstream.

So if you're walking around in public suspiciously glancing around to see who might be sniffling or sneezing, clear your head and think about reality for a second. The CDC wants you to stupidly believe all the unvaccinated people are a threat to your health, when in reality people who consciously refuse vaccines tend to be far healthier and get sick far less often than the hypochondriac dweebs who rush out to get vaccinated every few months.
Doctors and drugs are the greatest threat to your health - far greater than terrorism
The real people who are a threat to your health are not just the pill-popping antibiotics consumers, but also:

• The psyched-out grandma on psychotropic drugs barreling down the road behind the wheel of a 1978 Buick. (Driving While Medicated...)

• The teen schoolboy who was diagnosed with depression and put on SSRI drugs that make him feel violently suicidal.

• The pediatrician who wants to inject your child with chemotherapy to "prevent" cancer and insist he's going to call CPS if you don't let him poison your child.

• The drug addict pharmacist who, in between incorrectly filling your prescription with random deadly chemicals, snorts up his own private concoction of controlled substances in the back room.

• The oncologist who misdiagnosed you with breast cancer but wants to poison you with five rounds of chemotherapy "just to be sure." (Oh yeah, I bet he never told you that he PROFITS from selling you the chemotherapy drugs that poison you...)

• The school bus driver with a heart condition who takes an extra dose of deadly statin drugs and suffers a fatal heart muscle breakdown while behind the wheel of a bus carrying 58 schoolchildren toward a railroad crossing.

These are the real threats to your safety... not a bunch of healthy people who deliberately refuse to be injected with hazardous vaccines.

But of course the medical establishment doesn't want you to be aware of any risks associated with using their products. All their drugs are perfectly safe! Perfectly effective! Perfectly priced! Perfectly profitable! There's nothing wrong with them, by God, or the FDA would never have approved them, would they?

Learn more:

Narendra Doshi
1 decade ago
Dear Prof. Dr. Hegde,
I have a grand daughter now aged around 18 months. She was premature born by about four weeks. I live in Mumbai. What in your opinion is the best way henceforth, after having been given the normal doses of vaccinations, tilll date?
I also have 3 & 5 year old grand daughters who have already run theit normal doses of vaccinations, till date. What is your advice for them henceforth
BM Hegde
Replied to Narendra Doshi comment 1 decade ago
Same suggestion that I gave to Doshi sab above.
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