Tooly: Tiny Tools Collection
Tooly is a very useful app that contains a lot of beneficial features. Whether you are a student, teacher, developer or work in the office, Tooly is the most useful tool app for you. It offers text tools, calculation tools, colours tools, image and other offline tools to make your work easier and simpler.
Tooly consists of six sections, each one of them includes several tools:
Text Tools: Provides you with a huge number of tools that help you with your texts. You can use stylish font to convert your text into a cool text with various types of styles.  
Image Tools: Contains some helpful tools that can change your image's structure. If you want to crop or re-size your images or create a rounded photo, these are the tools for you.
Calculation Tools: This section has a number of tools organised into five sections. You can use the algebra section to solve simple and complex mathematical calculations. You can use the geometry section to find any area, perimeter, or other shape-related information in 3D bodies or 2D shapes.
Unit Converter: This section contains various units of measure, weight, temperature, etc.
Programming Tools: This section enables you to create an organised page for your codes using development tools to be used by programmers for brief codes.
Colours Tools: This tool provides you with several options to select and replicate colours.
Tooly gathers all these tiny tools you need in one place. A very helpful app for all your basic needs.
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