The Safest Tool To Diagnose and Predict Heart Disease
“Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees only so long as its surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image of the Self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed.”— Anon
Nothing is independent in this world. The most dominant rhythm controls the smaller rhythms. This applies to the human body as well, where breathing is the most dominant rhythm which controls all others, including the heart. In physics, this is known as mode-locking. This can be easily seen in children where the heart runs faster on deep breathing in and goes slow when the child breathes out—mistakenly called sinus arrhythmia. In fact, this is the healthiest heart. This disappears gradually, as the child grows up in this wicked world and starts hating some people. If only we can nurture a child’s heart all our lives, we can have a healthy heart—a secret one should learn. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we seem to pile up all the negative traits like hatred, anger, super ego, jealousy, pride and hostility; each one of which tries to push us into the sympathetic mode that creates altered breathing pattern and gradually reduces our heart rate variability (HRV). The day HRV completely disappears and the heart becomes truly regular, man’s heart stops. 
But the good news is that, if we learn to become altruistic, HRV returns to normal again making the heart tick. I have been working with my associates for decades on HRV and human nature but the work was hampered by the absence of any reliable bedside gadget to study this most important parameter of heart’s function which made it cumbersome and forced it to remain a research tool until a professor friend of mine in Germany devised a simple bedside tool to do this. This is not encouraged by the industry and the conventional cardiology establishments as there is no big money involved here. They are also worried that their surrogate money-spinning diagnostic tests, like stress tests, echo and angiograms, might go out of the window if HRV becomes widely known and accepted by patients. 
In effect, HRV has diagnostic as well as prognostic value, especially the latter. It is basically non-invasive and patient-friendly. It is easily reproducible and is specific and highly sensitive for detecting heart diseases of all hues. There is mounting evidence to show the futility of an expensive angiogram in diagnosing and prognostication based on routine coronary angiograms. For example, “Less than 30% of the heart attack related coronary arteries are more than 50% blocked,” wrote Valentine Fuster from New York, years ago. Now comes an extensive study from America (our Indian intellectuals believe only such studies) which totally dissociates coronary arteries from heart attacks. 
Routine coronary angiograms were done on a cohort of men. Those with single vessel disease were left alone but it was predicted that, sooner or later, they will get a heart attack from that vessel block. Follow-up showed that some of them did get an infarct (heart attack) but never in the area of the heart supplied by that single blocked vessel! The infarct was always elsewhere. Most doctors are already aware of the normal coronary artery angina (NCA angina).  
Breathing modulates the heart rhythm through the autonomic nervous system. Deep breathing stimulates the sympathetic tone while breathing out gives a  parasympathetic tranquil tone. A small child loves everyone and everything in this world and, so, is always in the tranquil parasympathetic mode smiling around 1,000 times in 24 hours! This results in deliberate irregular heart (HRV) as described above.
When we try to bring the human mind, filled with negative feelings, back on track through meditation and breathing techniques like pranayama, HRV becomes normal. Our finding in 100 patients with advanced coronary disease has been published already. HRV is the safest and most reliable diagnostic and prognostic test for coronary disease.
jayaraman R
6 years ago
we have lot of proponents of western waylife including lifestyle,food etc.,and we get easily trapped at the cost of localised living style which is time tested. Marketing in everything at the cost of everything else and the greed of mankind at all levels are the root causes of perils of today.Earlier we understand better for us.Only time will tell the difference
Shrik S
6 years ago
Humans are made to get used to complications - imagine that before 1990 when the markets opened up to capitalistic forces, Indians were definitely in general healthier and to that extent satisfied. Come the western capitalist forces we have now got hordes of money poured into the market just to make each individual 'a patient' to the global forces of 'health scares'.
And they have added another angle to it - produce more children so that the market volume does not reduce - so all the child care products, all the children's products are out there,
then make the children compete with each other, make them represent as angry, unsatisfied kids in advertisements, and affect their finer and delicate senses.. turn them into angry, dissatisfied, competing, resource hoggers.. and turn them into patients...

And another angle to indirectly affect female's finer senses, and create pressures that each woman ends up comparing and scaring herself out for her skin, bones, hair, eyes, hormones - thyroid scare -
and then they added forces to make women also get out and work in the name of gender equality, which in a way creating forces beyond what women would like to do themselves .. through their own creativity and for their own satisfaction.. this force of gender equality is an external force to create so much more pressure...
in a way create more stress in the industry and in individuals, create more 'patients'.

In parallel create a pseudo media propaganda from the western world to pursue heartfulness, mindfulness, yoga as done by the white men and women.. everything that India once had in its air is now being sold to it from the bottle, the can, the jar, the cylinder, Amway, BNI... blah blah.. And as Dr. has rightly pointed out, only then are we Indians are lapping it up, accepting it dime a dozen.

Imagine the load on the environment all this is having, by stripping earth of it's limited resources, we are cutting short the continuation of life on this planet. Each product that is marketed on this planet is being extracted from the very earth which can't reproduce immediately. Earth needs time to reproduce, to heal... are we even letting ourselves heal. that we will allow the earth to heal!
When will our senses prevail? by the time we realise this, it is too late in our lives and the damage is already done.. and a next generation is now ready to face it the heat.. forced upon them due to the stupidity of their parents.. cut their lives short..
and all this in the name of Karma, Krishna, Bhagavat Geeta??

Karma, Krishna, The Gita has always still said life is simple... it's the human nature of not realizing their true purpose, getting trapped in the vagaries of modern industrial life - that was technically NOT an original Indian/Indus Subcontinent by product - but now rules on each of us and we are trying to catch up with the good past...
can we?
Ramesh Poapt
6 years ago
superb, sir!
Samar Singh
6 years ago
My experience is that heart rate variability is basically indicating the state of the Autonomous Nervous System or ANS. An ANS deficit can be indicative of a number of diseased states including cancer and heart problems. I am not sure that smiling alone can cure the problem but I am certain that it is possible to avoid many diseases by managing the state of the ANS. Dr Porges - author of the polyvagal theory - talks of the import role of listening to a voice with high levels of prosody, and I know that the state of the ANS is reflected in the respiratory signature. The important thing is to recognise the role of the ANS in our physiological and mental health.
6 years ago
Wow. Such simple tool to avoid heart attack - Smile.
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