The Book that Changed My Life
When I read the blurb of book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy, I did not quite believe it. It claimed that it was one of the most powerful books ever written! It has changed over one million people to date, etc. After the first fast reading of the book, I was convinced about the claim. It is a down-to-earth, easily readable and practical guide to understanding one’s subconscious mind that controls all our actions and thoughts. You get step-by-step methods to understand your own mind. Most human problems in health arise from the mind and can be managed by understanding it.
This well-written book can make it very easy for us to understand our illnesses and also gives us the guidance to help oneself. The book is a guide for self-healing. It makes life easy even for a layman who can get out of most health crises through inexpensive means in a world ruled by corporate hospital culture which makes any disease a curse for the body and your savings. After a complete study of the book, I am not surprised that it has helped a million suffering humans. The book has been recently revised by Dr Ian McMohan who has brought it up-to-date.
We always find it difficult to know the mind and manage it; but this self-help book makes it possible. The power of one’s subconscious mind, which is not under our voluntary control, is phenomenal and the book teaches us the method to understand this power. Answers to several of our intriguing question are answered in simple language. For example, why is one happy while another is miserable? Why is one successful while another is a miserable failure? Why is one popular while another is hated? All these and more such ticklish questions have their answers in our subconscious mind! They are all unravelled in this book. I strongly recommend it, without any reservations, to all those who suffer from any disease, including cancer. I have personally benefited a lot from this book. Packed with true stories of case studies, this book can help you get your due promotions, amass wealth ethically, create harmonious relations, stabilise your marriage, conquer phobias, banish bad habits, enjoy refreshing sleep, heal minor illnesses and achieve your goals in life.
Sam Dwinner
6 years ago
I've listened to this book on the youtube & I agree it is one of the best audio which can definitely have a positive and long-lasting impact on your mind.
Ramesh Poapt
6 years ago
I hope to get it tomoro morning...
Dayaram Patel
Replied to Ramesh Poapt comment 6 years ago
address of vendor please.
6 years ago
Subscribe to lessons from SRF, Ranchi.
Satya Prakash
6 years ago
Who is Dr Ian McMohan? When I googled then Google has suggested Dr Ian McMohon (see "o") and returned result for this.
Amit Phatak
Replied to Satya Prakash comment 6 years ago
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