Taxpayers’ Charter: I-T Dept to Publish Periodic Service Standards, Keep Taxpayers’ Info Confidential
Moneylife Digital Team 13 August 2020
The much-anticipated taxpayers' charter that came into effect from Thursday mandates the Income Tax (I-T) department to publish standards for service delivery in a periodic manner. 
The Charter was launched with the inauguration of the 'Transparent Taxation' platform by prime minister Narendra Modi.
The charter also says that the I-T department should not disclose any information provided by the taxpayer unless authorised by law.
The department will provide a mechanism for lodging a complaint and prompt disposal thereof. Further, a mechanism would be put in place for "fair and impartial" appeal and review.
"The department shall provide a fair and impartial system and resolve the tax issues in a time-bound manner," the charter said.
According to the charter, the I-T department will treat every taxpayer as "honest" unless there is a reason to believe otherwise. It will provide prompt, courteous and professional assistance in all dealings with the taxpayer.
The department will have to take decision in every income tax proceeding within the time prescribed under law and it will follow due process of law and be "no more intrusive" than necessary in any inquiry, examination or enforcement action.
Along with other duties of the I-T department which has time and again faced criticism regarding tax harassment, the charter also lays down the responsibilities of the taxpayer.
Apart from calling on the taxpayers to pay amounts due as per law and make submissions in a timely manner, the charter also says that the taxpayer should keep accurate records required as per law.
"Taxpayer is expected to be aware of his compliance obligations under tax law and seek help of the department if needed. Further, the taxpayer should also know what information and submissions are made by his authorised representative,” the charter says.
Speaking at the launch event, the prime minister said that India is among few countries giving such rights and dignity to the taxpayers.
He said that the charter has been introduced with defined rights and responsibilities.
1 year ago
For Redressal Public Grievances of Commoners, Time Limit to Redress them Must be Prescribed with Name and Designation of the Officers who Handle those Complaints. I am Babubhai Vaghela from Ahmedabad. Thanks.
1 year ago
Try to extract Inc tax from corrupt politicians who hold farm house , thousands of acres of land on benami names, transfer money through hawala to buy islands yachts etc abroad instead of using manpower and computer in such silly matters. Penny wise pound foolish attitude is not desirable.
1 year ago
The new reforms to start treating the taxpayer with dignity and not a suspect, is indeed welcome.

The changing reforms by the department are relevant and inspires the working population to contribute for building up their motherland.

The policymakers also has to figure out a way, a system to implement a reward and recognition for the people that contribute to the country through income tax.

At present, the department issues appreciation certificates to top income tax contributors. But this remains private and does not get any recognition from the society for the assesse.

We Indians love public recognition. We take loans to buy expensive cars and phones for public recognition. The department should make use of this psychology of the people, a wanting to be recognised for their spending power or earnings.

If the IT department could find a way, where the taxpayers in a society are recognised publicly for their contribution, more citizens will come forward to file their returns. Infact tax payers will even compete each other to contribute more.
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