Tata Tele replies to RCom: “Tata Group is not a family-owned concern”
Moneylife Digital Team 14 February 2011

The Tata group company says that it has applied for the dual-technology license after the policy announcement and is still waiting for spectrum in the Delhi circle, while RCom had applied for a license before the policy announcement and has got the spectrum across the country

Tata Teleservices Ltd (TTSL) has said that it was the only operator which had applied for the dual-technology license after the policy announcement and is still waiting for spectrum after three years in the crucial Delhi circle.

In what could be called a hard-hitting clarification on the Reliance Communications Ltd (RCom) statement, the Tata group company said, "It is indeed special and intriguing that Reliance Communications and two other operators applied and got DoT (Department of Telecom) approval even before the (dual technology) policy was announced. It is even more intriguing that Reliance Communications was allotted spectrum in all the circles immediately, in January 2008, whereas TTSL got DoT approval after 83 days, and that TTSL, even after 3 years, is still awaiting spectrum allocation in the crucial Delhi Circle and in 39 commercially crucial districts in 9 telecom circles."

According to Tata Tele, yesterday, RCom in a statement had said that it was granted the dual technology on identical terms and payment identical to three other companies, including the Tata group company.

"The grant of dual technology approval to RCom, against its application that had been pending from February 2006 for more than 18 months, was on identical terms and payment of identical fees as for three other companies-Shri Ratan Tata group's Tata Teleservices, Himachal Futuristic Communications and Shyam Telecom (now known as Sistema)-and there is nothing special or untoward in the same," RCom was quoted as saying by Tata Tele in a statement.

Taking objection to labelling Tata Tele as a 'Shri Ratan Tata group' company, the telecom operator said, "Tata Teleservices Limited and (the) Tata Group are not family-owned or family-run concerns, or owned by Mr Ratan Tata. Hence, to refer to them as 'Shri Ratan Tata group's Tata Teleservices Limited' is not appropriate."

Rajeev Chandrasekhar (former telecom player and now Rajya Sabha MP) had openly charged that the Tatas were a big beneficiary of dubious telecom policies. Although Mr Tata has retaliated with counter-charges, it is, indeed, a fact that former telecom regulator Pradip Baijal, who favoured the Tatas, quickly became a consultant with Niira Radia's firm for a fat fee and was recently raided and questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

1 decade ago
The fight between the large corporate manipulators is in fact bringing out many hidden skeletons. 2G spectrum case should be utilized by Supreme Court as a God given chance to cleanse India off the scum of corruption and punish the guilty in such a manner that fear of law would be inculcated in every citizens mind.
1 decade ago
ADAG is getting desperate. Anil still doesnt want to see the writing on the wall. he has to understand that the days of his father are gone and bribing is an art mastered by many these days. hes trying to hide behind tata name . and what do we say about ratan tata. the problem with him is that he went about projecting himself as the holy guy. the gsm lobby isnt as bothered about anil ambani as they know he has no reputation left. his group is in deep trouble. ratan tata had airs around him. he needed to be bought back to planet earth. the gsm lobby is united in its fight wheras the cdma lobby never really recovered from their wrong technology choice and everything that theve tried to do since has been backfiring. tatas haave already blown a lot of money in telecom. they will now blow their reputation. as anil will take others down with himself.
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