Sync Files across Multiple Devices
These days, all of us have multiple devices—maybe a phone and a tablet, a phone and a computer or even multiple phones. It is always a struggle to keep the devices in sync, especially for important files and folders.
Syncthing is a very simple synchronisation tool to synchronise files and folders between multiple devices. Just install Syncthing on multiple devices and then follow the instructions to connect and sync the devices and select the folders or files to be synced. From that moment, whenever there are changes in that folder or file, they will be automatically synced.
It is totally private, since there is no upload / download to, or from, any external server and syncing is done in peer-to-peer mode. Besides, each device is identified by a strong cryptographic certificate—hence, there is no leakage of data. And all communication is secured, ensuring there is no eavesdropping during transfer.
The beauty of this is that you may sync files and folders across devices and platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, BSD and more.
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