Services: SBI Cards initiatives
Moneylife Digital Team 29 March 2012

SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt Ltd launched two new initiatives. The first called ‘No Income Documents’ simplifies procedures for existing mortgage and auto loan customers as it eliminates the need to provide income documents while applying for a new card.

Kadambi Narahari, CEO, SBI Cards, said, “There is a minimum limit for eligibility for applying for SBI Cards. Customers should have a home loan of Rs10 lakh or more and an auto loan of Rs3 lakh or more. The customer has to sign a declaration and provide KYC documents for enrolment. The second initiative is an innovative customer referral programme and has been named ‘Link’. It provides a platform for existing SBI Cards customers and invites them to refer their friends. Customers stand a chance to win exciting rewards by linking friends to SBI Cards. 

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