SEBI Uncovers Offshore Fund Violations in Adani Group Investments
Moneylife Digital Team 23 April 2024
According to a Reuters report, India’s market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has found that a group of offshore funds investing in companies under the Adani umbrella have breached disclosure regulations and exceeded investment thresholds. These insiders, preferring anonymity as they lack authorisation to engage with the media, revealed the findings. 
It was previously reported by Reuters that SEBI had detected breaches in disclosure requirements for publicly listed entities and the limits imposed on offshore fund investments back in August of last year.
Moreover, the regulator has been scrutinising the relationship between the Adani group and one of these funds to ascertain whether there’s evidence of coordinated action with the conglomerate’s principal stakeholders—a claim Adani has consistently refuted. 
Earlier this year, SEBI issued notifications to approximately 12 offshore investors associated with the Adani group outlining the alleged violations and requesting explanations regarding their non-compliance with disclosure rules and investment ceilings, as disclosed by the sources. 
“One of the key concerns highlighted by the regulator pertains to how these offshore funds have been reporting their investments in Adani group entities at an individual fund level, whereas SEBI sought disclosure at a consolidated offshore fund group level,” the first source explained. 
Reportedly, eight of these offshore funds have expressed their intention to settle the charges through written requests to SEBI, proposing to pay a penalty without admitting any wrongdoing. 
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This was so clear from even before Hindenburg report. SEBI consistently tried to hide this - under instructions from the political bosses, who are Adani beneficiaries (no prize for guessing right).
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