Screenshot Flow for Visual User Guides
If you need to share the flow of an app—your own or some other app—Screenshot Flow is the app for you. You can create easy, visual user guides or create a UX diagram from any app in less than a minute.
Screenshot Flow auto-generates user flow diagrams from screenshots to help guide a user in how to use an app. It is very simple to use—start this app and then the app that you wish to demonstrate. On the latter screen, you will see a pointer which you need to tap on and then move on to the next screen. This app will create a neat flow chart which you can share online in many ways. You have the option to save the flow chart on your phone or on you Google Drive, create a link immediately and then share it by email, WhatsApp or any other means.
You can further label the diagrams and customise the flows for a professional look and feel. 
There is a free trial for seven days and, if you need it often, you can purchase the app for unlimited use on a monthly charge.
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