Take Back Ownership of Your Data
Many sites capture our email id and other personal data for various reasons, some legitimately and others illegitimately. helps you take ownership of your personal data. You can use Mine’s smart data assistant to discover and manage your digital footprint. Use it frequently to delete your data from services you no longer use that put you to risk.
With Mine, you can find out which companies are holding your data and what types of data they potentially hold. You can get smart insights and recommendations according to your online behaviour and exposure levels to help you take informed decisions about your data. You can then communicate with all the different companies that hold your personal data from one place and even request them for deletion of your data, if you so desire!
Just go to and sign in with your Google, Microsoft or Yahoo email account. Run a quick check to discover how many companies hold your data—you will be surprised at the results—you have been warned! Next, you can get more information about each company to help you decide whether you use their services any more or not. You can then decide whether to reclaim your data or not—if you decide to reclaim, Mine does it for you automatically. Most companies do this within 48 hours; other companies take a little more time. It is that easy!
Reclaim your digital footprint today and stay safe always!
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