PortableApps: Your Computer, without the Computer
We use many apps on our computer which we are familiar with on a day-to-day basis. When travelling or when we do not have access to our own computer, it becomes inconvenient to use another app on someone else’s machine. If we are accustomed to using Google Chrome as our browser and we do not have access to it elsewhere, it could be disconcerting to use another browser. That is where PortableApps comes in.
The PortableApps.com Platform™ is a full-featured portable software system that ties all your portable apps together and lets you build your own custom portable app suite for use in your synced cloud folder, on your local PC, or on a portable USB drive. And it is kept separate from your local apps. The PortableApps.com Platform is 100% free to use and share and also fully open-source.
What it does is that it creates an entire suite of commonly used apps, in compressed form, which you can save to your pen-drive, USB drive or on the cloud. Whenever you need to use these apps, you may use them directly off the USB drive or the cloud without having the need to install them on the local machine. 
6 days ago
This should be very useful. Will try. Thank you for sharing :)
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