Pharma Industry and Disease Mongering
As I just completed my article on the recent guidelines of the American Heart Associationof normal blood pressure (BP), I chanced to see this heading in an edition of the British Medical Journal written by Ray Moynihan and colleagues. Together, they made so much sense that I was compelled to pen these lines. One wonders how we have so many BP guidelines coming out, as they do, in such a short period! I think much more than what I read, although my daughter, a medical school professor, thinks that I do not read enough, of late. 
At times, I get to doubt the very basis of modern medicine which we are made to believe is science! This science delusion has constricted science into dogmas. Such dogmas are not only limiting but dangerous for mankind. This is even more so in human medicine where it affects the lives of the sick people. Rupert Sheldrake, an eminent scientist, answers it himself. Science should never be a dogma but should remain only a method of enquiry, he says. I am in total agreement with him. Coupled with Wall Street greed, these dogmas, called science, control the world population effectively. Ray makes lot of sense.
We have scientific bodies called nomenclature committees that create new diseases almost daily. If one carefully analyses these new additions, one quickly comes to know the truth. This is rampant in the field of psychiatry where the field is wide open for new creations. One recent example is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. Any child who is overactive and does not conform to the accepted norms at home and school is labelled as suffering from ADHD. 
By this definition, most creative people in society and many political leaders should have been ADHD patients. But Dr Leon Eisenberg, the then chairman of the American Psychiatric Association, in his ripe old age of 88, dying of cancer, could no longer control his guilt. He, apparently, confessed that there is no disease called ADHD. It was created by him to please the manufacturer of the drug Ritalin for increasing its sales. He admitted that the company had been paying him millions of dollars all his life!
The very science of psychiatry is shaky. All chemicals used in mental diseases only work on the brain; but science has now come out of the myth that the mind resides in the brain. While all those chemicals damage the brain resulting in dementia, the mental disease goes on merrily. Grace Elizabeth Jackson, a young psychiatry professor in New York, lost her job for revealing this in her book, Dementia - A Drug-induced Crime by Doctors on Mankind! One can go on. While the psychiatrists are the darlings of the pharma lobby, others are not excluded. Unless we dissolve this doctor-pharma lobby marriage, mankind has a difficult future. 
1 year ago
Big Pharma Industrial Complex.
1 year ago
Very True. Mental disease was unknown in India a few years back despite the pressures. Nowadays, people feel the need to consult a psychologist or psychatrist despite living a better life.
Rajendra Rathore
6 years ago
Brilliant!! I am a big fan of yours and share your views with my friends
6 years ago
Should be re open
1.upa closed 250*
2.upa closed 300*
Psu medicine producing units immediatly* Re call Drug pattent act framed by dr.Manmohan singh and team*
Ramesh Poapt
6 years ago
s...u...p...e...r...b, sir!
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