Mumbai Hoarding Crash: NGOs, Citizens Demand Immediate Removal of All Illegal and Unstable Hoardings, Signboards
Moneylife Digital Team 11 June 2024
Urging an independent and thorough investigation of the Gharkopar hoarding collapse case, several non-government organisations (NGOs) and prominent citizens from Mumbai have demanded the immediate removal of all illegal and unstable hoardings, signboards and electric signages in the Mumbai district. 
In an open letter to the municipal commissioner of BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) or Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and the commissioner of the government railway police (GRP), they also demanded strict action against offenders following the disastrous incident of the collapse of illegal hoarding at Ghatkopar on the evening of 13 May 2024, leading to the loss of 17 lives.
Here are the demands made by the NGOs and citizens...
1. Ensure strict compliance of the Supreme Court’s order dated 7 June 2024 to prevent future incidents of hoarding collapse by taking prompt action against all illegal and unstable hoardings, billboards and signages across the city.
2. Survey and identify all the illegal, oversized and unstable hoardings, billboards and signages put up across Mumbai city, and remove them forthwith. Take all preventive measures, in coordination with the Disaster Management Authority, to ensure preparedness for multi-hazard events and to prevent future such human-induced disasters. Issue a public statement confirming that necessary action for the removal of all illegal, oversized and unstable hoardings, billboards and signages has been taken by the authorities.
3. Impose exemplary penalty, fine and take appropriate action under law against all the offenders for putting up unauthorised and illegal hoardings, billboards and signages in Mumbai city.
4. Take prompt action against the defaulting companies / owners of illegal hoardings, billboards and signages, including Ego Media Pvt Ltd, by permanently blacklisting the defaulters (including any new companies put up by the owners and their associates) from putting up hoardings or acquiring public work tenders. Recover the unpaid dues and fine or penalty imposed on Ego Media Pvt. Ltd. for its violations and take strict action against concerned company officials for their criminal acts.
5. Provide adequate compensation to the families of the deceased, to the injured victims and all those who have suffered losses in the Ghatkopar incident of hoarding collapse on 13 May 2024, taking into account the economic loss suffered on account of life-long loss of livelihood and to their means of livelihood such as taxis, and auto rickshaws, personal loss, recurring medical costs, trauma, grave nature of the tragedy and the enormous revenues earned from these illegal and unstable hoardings. 
6. Ensure appropriate compensation to the deceased and injured workers of petrol pump from the owners and the labour office of the government, as the worker was killed and others injured at their workplace. 
7. Conduct a thorough and independent investigation into the matter to identify erring officials of MCGM, GRP and all concerned officials / bodies responsible for the tragedy. Investigate any corrupt practices in place that have contributed to this incident and the putting up of illegal hoardings across the city. Initiate strict prosecution against all erring officials, including the top decision-makers, for their complicity /negligent acts. 
8. Appoint appropriate government authority to carry out regular structural audits of hoardings across the city. Furthermore, MCGM and Railways should review existing guidelines in respect of hoardings, billboards, signages etc. and issue strict guidelines for structural stability of such hoardings based on the wind speeds, rainfall and other environmental factors and climate considerations, and ensure proper implementation of the same, with frequent monitoring and review.
Meenal Mamdani
6 days ago
Most of the hoardings are put up by political parties to trumpet what they have done for the people.

Secondly, the local political strongman wants his name and image to be plastered everywhere so he is known as a political heavyweight and can demand favors from the area people as well as impress the pols up the chain of command.

Political parties must be made to pay damages caused by such rickety posters and also when their supporters go berserk and vandalize property.
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