MCGM Circular Eases Rules for Non-COVID Death Certificates
Akshay Naik 26 June 2020
The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai’s (MCGM) public health department have issued a new circular easing the guidelines on requirement of a medical cause of death certificate for disposal of a non-corona virus (COVID) deceased person. 
Until now, with the current pandemic situation, families and relatives of deceased non-covid persons have had a lot of difficulty obtaining a death certificate, crucial for disposal of the body. Realising, the hardships being faced by such grieving families, the new circular directs medical officers of health from each ward to follow a new set of rules for such exceptional cases. 
The circular states, that if the deceased person is “around 65 years of age or above (on confirmation of documents provided by relatives), the body may be allowed to be disposed off on submitting panchanama by 5 citizens or relatives residing in nearby area and who know the deceased.”
Furthermore, if the deceased is of a younger age, the body “will only be allowed for disposal after receiving permission (NOC) from Local Police Station of the place of death.”
This circular is actually is reissue of the original circular issued in 2010 (HO/1520/RI) and has been put into effect till the end of the covid pandemic period. With ward officers and medical health officers across Mumbai being asked to ensure compliance with these new guidelines, grieving families of non-covid deceased persons can soon find some respite from bureaucratic necessities. 
Here is the circular issued by BMC…


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