India to join Paris-based elite wine organisation OIV
Alekh Angre 14 October 2011

Experts have welcomed the move from the Paris-based International Organization of Vine and Wine, as it will help in improving the quality standard of Indian wines

The Indian wine industry finally has a reason to cheer. After two Indian wine brands were selected for sale in UK’s leading supermarket chain, India will soon become a formal member of Paris-based International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), an elite wine-producers’ club. Experts have welcomed this move as it is expected to improve the ‘quality standard’ of Indian wines a step further.

It is reported that the Union Cabinet is expected to ratify this agreement of India becoming a formal member of OIV, which will allow India access to all scientific information related to vines, wine, wine-based beverages, table grapes and raisins etc. Nitin Desai, director, Indian Grape Processing Board, told Moneylife that the OIV membership will help Indians make better wine. “This is indeed a great initiative which in turn will enhance our skill-sets in all practices of wine-making, right from viticulture to the end product.”

He added, “This will enable Indian wine producers offer better quality and also become price competitive.”

Experts say that this move will also help India to position itself better in the international wine market and allow its participation in international trade fairs.

“Membership to OIV is nothing but upgradation of the quality standards of Indian wines. One of the main parameters of quality of wine is the geographical location. Every soil produces different quality of grapes and hence the wine tastes accordingly. With us being a formal member of the club, we would now be in a position to learn the right set of skills important for grape-growing and wine-making,” said Jagdish Holkar, president of the All-India Wine Producers’ Association.

“It is very essential to define the word ‘wine’ in our country. And through the membership to this club, it will help us to define the quality of Indian wines in both domestic and international markets. Apart from gaining technical knowledge relating to vine and wine, India will now be able to align itself with better-known brands with good branding opportunities in the world market,” Mr Holkar added.

OIV is an internationally-known intergovernmental scientific and technical body in the field of vine and wine, with 44 countries as its formal members.

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