How To Report a Fraudulent Gmail Account
Our fight against unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) or spam messages aimed at conning us is not going to end. While email service-providers do have filters to separate such emails, spammers or hackers behind it keep changing email IDs from which such mail is sent. This makes it difficult for the spam filters to detect and move these mails to spam box or folders. 
Phishing e-mails pretend to be from a financial, or other trusted, institution; but these actually contain links to genuine-looking but fraudulent websites that try to steal personal information or extract some money. 
Some spammers even impersonate reputed organisations or product-maker or service-provider. Recently, we received an email that gave 'serious warning' about our YouTube channel! 
You can create separate filters for your email accounts for such fraudulent emails. Email managers, like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, also offer tools to mark mails as spam. 
In addition, if you are receiving UCC or spamming emails from a Gmail ID, you can report this to Google. Based on the nature of the complaint, violation of policies and terms of use, Google would take necessary action. Here is how you can report a fraudulent Gmail account.
2. Provide the email address on which you have received the spam email.
3. Share complete Gmail address of the person who has sent you the email.
4. Provide email headers of the message. To obtain the email headers in Gmail, click the down arrow next to the reply button, and select 'Show original'. Copy the text and paste in the box provided at the above link. 
a. Outlook: Open Outlook. Open the email you want to see the headers for. Click File and then Properties. The headers will show in the ‘Internet headers’ box. 
b. Mozilla Thunderbird: Open the email you want to see the headers for. Click View and then on Message Source. The headers will show in a new window. 
c. Apple Mail: Open the email you want to see the headers for. Click View and then Message and then All Headers. The headers will show in the window below your inbox.
5. Share the original subject-line of the dubious message. 
6. Share the content of the questionable message (paste the entire body of the message in the provided space on the above link).
7. You can also share any other additional information in the text box.
8. Select yes, if the email you had received, appear to be from someone impersonating Google. 
9. Submit your complaint.
2 months ago
Please report my old account [email protected].. My account has been hacked by someone
6 months ago
7 months ago
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
This Gmail user be tagged as fraud .Reported it many times but it's still there.Gleck Consulting pvt ltd Bangalore is the adress given on google.please guide me how to report his ids
9 months ago
What a stupid process! If Google really cared there would be an email address to forward scam emails to!
Replied to wb4yjt comment 7 months ago
As I recall from my IT career, the email headers that Google is asking for (important in order to trace the true source of the email) are not included when a message is forwarded; they will only get the headers from YOUR message.
Replied to bobr4229 comment 3 weeks ago
2 years ago
If Google was serious about us reporting abusive accounts, they wouldn’t have made the process so time consuming and inconvenient. Seriously, all the information they want is contained within the message if you just forward the message to a spam mailbox they could set up. Many organizations and companies (like Geico for example) simply ask you to forward any spam to their special inbox. Cmon Google, get serious for once.
Replied to bobheatingguy comment 11 months ago
Because it's likely an automated process using an algorithm that needs to have everything separated. You know how Google likes to automate everything that shouldn't be automated.
Replied to 40kwashacked comment 10 months ago
LoL ,

and Spam only becomes more, all because the vaunted Google stupidly cannot configure its filters.
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