Global Warming—Really?
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead
If our planet were really warming, we, in the medical profession, will need to worry as there might be exponential growth of vascular disease. In theory, many other calamities could occur, including some of the island nations getting submerged.
I was in London during the early 1970s, for some time. The fear, then, was of global cooling. The media was agog with predictions of global cooling and of an impending ice age! The trigger was a long winter then, which got extended by a month, and sleet covered the ground in Europe, leading to absence of any plant growth. The Al Gores and Rajendra Pachauris were not in the picture then. The spring vegetation did not come up.  Thank God! Public memory is short. Suddenly, in the past 10-odd years, there is a hue and cry about global warming and the powers that be in the US have been granting huge grants for so-called research. Scientifically, future predictions never come right in this non-linear world, as we use linear mathematics to calculate weather forecasts.
If you go back and look at the temperature charts, the earth was much warmer than it is now, several times in the past. But, each time, it cooled down gradually. This period could also be one of such rise in temperature. There were troughs also predicting the ice age that got corrected. The question still remains whether humans can really warm or cool the globe. The earth is too big for us to have the power to drastically change its climate. But there are many more manmade disasters that could annihilate mankind on this planet about which we do not make much fuss. One example comes to mind immediately. We have chemically poisoned all our rivers, thanks to the money-making industries discharging their deadly chemical effluents into our rivers, making drinking water a problem for mankind. In fact, if there is a Third World War in the future, it could be over water. Burning of fossil fuels by the transport industry is ever increasing; but, again, vested interests prevent any research in that area. 
To cap it all, the health-scare industry which, in effect, is only a sickness-care industry, uses deadly chemicals alien to the human body to treat diseases that are never cured by chemicals anyway. Chemicals in cosmetics and agriculture have reached a record high. A recent study of cord blood in new-born babies was found to have nearly 278 deadly chemicals from these sources. The worst calamity that is waiting to explode, much more dangerous than the supposed global warming, is the adverse drug reaction (ADR) epidemic. It has been called a weapon of mass destruction. ADR is an injury caused by taking a medication. Cancer chemotherapy is a trillion-dollar business. The chemical drug business, where they can hike the prices sky-high at will, is another zillion-dollar business. 
ADR supposedly kills millions all over the world. One audit in the US showed it as the 10th leading cause of death there; another showed it as one of the top five; but  a recent survey showed ADR to be top of the list. While global warming makes daily headlines in the mainline media, I have yet to see the media highlighting ADR.
This has another fallout. While all reductionist chemicals are rejected by the human system, they are sent to the liver for destruction in that chemical factory. If one were to carefully watch the liver’s functioning after a chemical medicine is consumed, one would see a flurry of activity there as it tries to destroy the drugs. 
A new epidemic has raised its ugly head lately, called the non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver that is killing people. The pharma industry loves this new syndrome, as it is a money-spinner through liver transplants. Drug-related deaths are only statistics for the industry. The ADR syndrome alone nets more than 70 billion dollars a year for the drug industry.
“The fastest way to dumb down the population is to scare them.”  —  Anon
Clive Mascarenhas
7 years ago
Another excellent piece from Dr BM Hegde - from his invaluable collection of "disruptor" articles - which couldn't be more true ! Great Thinking.
Carbon Fraud
7 years ago
AGW is nothing but FRAUD only the mentally challenged believe in.

A simple greenhouse test:

- 20x20x8' greenhouse has 3,200 cubic feet
- The amount of CO2 is 1.28 cubic feet
- Does any grown sane adult honestly believe adding or removing 1 cubic foot of CO2 from the greenhouse is going to magically change the temperature by 2C?

If this was true why would anyone need to pay for energy to heat their house? All they would need to do is put a clear bubble on their roof and fill it with 100% CO2.

- The amount of CO2 increase since 1960 is equal to 7x7x7" in the greenhouse. Does anyone think this makes a difference?

- The fact is 224 cubic feet of CO2 is required to make the greenhouse temperature rise by 1C, about 70,000 PPM.

MSM and governments are scam artists, brainwashing the ignorant masses with fairy tales while they are taxed into oblivion.
Ian R Orchard
Replied to Carbon Fraud comment 7 years ago
Whoops, you forgot to include all the water vapour that is the primary greenhouse gas that keeps Earth from being a frozen snowball. Contrary to the popular belief, we are slightly outside the so-called Goldilocks zone where water is a liquid. Without the traces of CO2, CH4 & other GHGs Earth would be uninhabitable. We've known about that since the 1800's.
Jack Bushong Jr.
7 years ago
I'm a retired meteorologist of 27 years. I've been watching and studying global warming since I got serious about it when the 1998 El Niño brought the temperatures of the Earth to a record high. I was a sceptic turned believer then and with a few doubts here and there, I now believe the Earth slowed its warming since then due to more La Ninas than El Niño's. Then 5 years ago the Earth showed the hottest temperatures despite a La Niña. We are now going into a 15 to 20nyear period of More El Niño's and the temperatures are now rising like a bat out of heck. We had a record high in 2014 until 2015 broke that record, then by a huge margin 2016 broke that record.

Most of the CO2 is being produced in the northern hemisphere. It took a while but while Antarctica was staying about the same temperatures, it is now warming with re ord low ice during its Summer.

With the coming period of El Niño's again I can still see the Earth temperatures rising sharply for the years to come now.

No the Earth is not too big for us to change the Climate. We could do it in a matter of minutes in an all out nuclear war of humanity's 16,000 nuclear bombs going off at once. Don't kid yourself.
Thiagarajan Sundaravadivelu
Replied to Jack Bushong Jr. comment 7 years ago
Well said. For Dr.Hegde everything is a conspiracy.
Ian R Orchard
7 years ago
The panic over global cooling back in the 70's was entirely due to crap journalism, with no scientific backing at all, yes we are headed toward another ice 10,000 years or so. Don't hold your breath.
And it is nonsense to suggest the planet is too big for humans to change it, we were doing that very successfully about the time we came out of the last ice age and there is evidence of our affect on the climate all over the place. Of course, you have to look out for it, appreciate what you are seeing, like melting ice, shifting seasons, rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, hotter heatwaves, heavier rainfall & floods. Even the cold snaps and snow dumps have an element of climate change in their explanation.
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