GhostWrite: Get Your Emails Written
Are you tired of writing emails? Do you spend substantial time composing long emails? Stop wasting your valuable time and use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate your email writing.
Install the GhostWrite extension for Chrome or Outlook and start writing emails with just a few prompts. GhostWrite is an AI tool that writes your emails using ChatGPT and other AI technologies. Your writing process will be automated so that you can spend more time on things that matter.
Once you install the extension, whenever you compose a new email, GhostWrite will prompt you to tell it what the email is about. If it is a reply to an existing email, it will understand the context by reading it. You then need to give a few words telling it about the content of the email you want to write. It will further prompt you to decide what style you want to write in, what is the tone (professional / casual); what is the length of the email and what is the language of the response. Then just click on ‘write’ and your email is composed automatically, magically.
The first 100 emails every month are free and, if you are a heavy email composer, you may have to pay a nominal monthly fee beyond that.
Maulik Patel
5 days ago
hi sir
seeing good guidence since 4 years
can u guid good app for pdf to speech
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