Get Ready for Extreme Weather as IMD Warns of More Heatwave Days from April to June
Moneylife Digital Team 02 April 2024
The Indian meteorological department (IMD) has warned about extreme weather, with temperatures remaining above normal maximum levels in most parts of the country from April to June this year.
In a release, IMD says that during the upcoming hot weather season (April to June), above-normal maximum temperatures are likely over most parts of the country, especially with high probability over central India and western peninsular India. 
"Normal to below normal maximum temperatures are likely over some parts of western Himalayan region, north-eastern (NE) states and north Odisha during this hot weather season," says Dr Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, director general (DG) of IMD.
During heatwaves, elevated temperatures pose significant risks, especially for vulnerable populations like the elderly, children and those with pre-existing health conditions, who are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke. 
According to Dr Mohapatra, prolonged periods of extreme heat can lead to dehydration and strain infrastructure such as power grids and transportation systems. "To address these challenges, it is imperative for authorities to take proactive measures like providing access to cooling centres, issuing heat advisories, and implementing strategies to alleviate urban heat island effects in affected areas. Efforts are also needed for safeguarding public health and minimising the adverse impacts of heatwaves."
Kamal Kishore, member and head of the national disaster management authority (NDMA), says that advisories have been issued to 23 heatwave-prone states and Union Territories (UTs) in March itself and heat action plans (HAPs) for these states and UTs are ready. "More than 200 cities and districts have prepared local HAPs."
Here are the highlights of the high-temperature scenario from April to June 2024…
During the 2024 hot weather season (April to June (AMJ)), above-normal maximum temperatures are likely over most parts of the country, except some parts of east and northeast India and pockets of northwest India where normal to below-normal maximum temperatures are likely.
During the season (AMJ), normal to above normal minimum temperatures are likely over most parts of the country except for some isolated areas in northeast and northwest India, where normal to below normal minimum temperatures are likely.
For April 2024, above-normal maximum temperatures are likely over most parts of the country. However, isolated pockets of east, northeast and northwest India will likely experience normal to below-normal maximum temperatures.
Above normal monthly minimum temperatures are most likely over most parts of India, except one or two pockets of northwest and northeast India, where normal to below-normal minimum temperatures are likely during April 2024.
During April, May and June hot weather season, above normal heatwave days are likely to occur over most parts of the south peninsula, central India, east India and the plains of northwest India.
During April 2024, above-normal heatwave days are likely over many parts of south peninsula and adjoining northwest central India and some parts of east India and the plains of northwest India.
The rainfall during April 2024, averaged over the country as a whole, is most likely to be normal (88%-112% of long period average- LPA). Normal to above-normal rainfall is expected over most parts of northwest India and many parts of central India, north peninsular India, some parts of east and northeast India. Below-normal rainfall is likely along the east and west coasts, some parts of east and northeast India and west central India.
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