Get Notified When Your Android's Battery Is Low
Do you have a tablet or secondary phone lying around, and you'd like to get an alert before its battery dies completely rather than finding it out at an inconvenient time? Are you responsible for charging your kids' or parents' devices? Are you on the computer most of the time and like to know the charging status of your phone's battery? Then this is the app for you.
This is a simple app which notifies you on your battery status at your pre-defined settings. If you want to be notified when your battery drops to 15%, you can get a popup on your browser. Also, it is generally better not to charge the device fully every time, since it can decrease the potential lifespan of the battery. So you may like to set a notification when your battery charge reaches 85%.
There is no clutter—Battarang uses a single notification per device. Also, it uses almost no resources because it remains idle until the specified conditions are met.
Just install the app, go to their website, scan the QR code and link your phone with your browser and you are set!
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