Driving Detective: Put Off Alerts Automatically while Driving
We all know that it is dangerous to talk or text while driving. But, invariably, when the phone rings or beeps, there is a tendency to pick it up or view the notification while driving. That is dangerous!
Driving DetectiveDriving Detective automatically detects when you are in a moving vehicle and toggles Do Not Disturb on, silencing alerts for the duration of the drive. Normal operation is restored after you exit the vehicle and move away from it. Do Not Disturb is an Android feature which gives the user control over alerts, specifically which alerts are allowed to notify the user and when.
Driving Detective does not use any GPS data to detect driving. Detection is done completely on device. Detection stops either by walking a short distance away from the car, or remaining parked for more than 15 minutes.
Drive safe—always use Driving Detective!
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