Dhanlaxmi Bank MD & CEO Amitabh Chaturvedi resigns
Moneylife Digital Team 06 February 2012

According to sources, the Bank's MD & CEO has resigned due to serious differences with other Board members

Dhanalaxmi Bank Ltd's managing director and chief executive, Amitabh Chaturvedi has resigned from the bank. The Bank’s board of directors are meeting today at 4pm and may declare financial losses of about Rs30 crore. However, we learned that this has nothing to do with the resignation of Mr Chaturvedi and he may have resigned due to serious differences with some of the Board members.

According to the sources, the bank is facing liquidity problems and may report financial losses of about Rs30 crore. However, the lender is not in serious trouble, the sources added.

Last year in November, the RBI conducted an inspection and issued a 15-point Monitorable Action Plan (MAP) to Dhanlaxmi Bank. This was followed by the furore caused due to a memorandum sent by the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation to the RBI stating the weak financials and certain wrongdoings by the bank.

As per the MAP, Dhanlaxmi Bank should moderate its loan growth, year-on-year, to 25% for 2011-12, should not be dependent on portfolio buyouts and should focus on increasing its direct advances. It has asked the bank to improve its earnings ratio and cash-income (efficiency) ratio to 70% by March 2012 from its current 83.73% during 2010-11. (Read more...RBI directs Dhanlaxmi Bank to adhere to its action plan)

The AIBOC alleged that the bank has manipulated accounts and provisioning, has a mismatch in asset-liability resources, maintains poor capital adequacy ratio and has huge dependence on call money borrowing. It has also accused the bank for ignoring social banking and financial inclusion. After, Moneylife broke the story, the share price of Dhanlaxmi Bank tanked by more than 20%, touching its 52-week low of Rs54.40.  ( read more.. )

Mr Charurvedi was appointed as MD and CEO on 13 October 2008, as per the bank's website.

Dhanalaxmi Bank shares closed 2% down at Rs56.30 on the Bombay Stock Exchange, while the BSE Sensex ended the day 102 points or 0.38% higher at 17,707.31.

govind shanbhag
1 decade ago
MDT - three decades ago similar fate had happened to one of the oldest kerala catholic managed bank which was placed under moratorium - BANK OF COCHIN LTD. BOC in short had 205 branches,197 in Kerala and ultimately SBI took over the bank with all assets and liabilities. There were more liabilities than assets but no depositor was inconvinced and entire credit balance was fully paid to depositors. It was bonanza for the staff especially officers who were absorbed in SBI with State Bank scale. I have seen the quality of advance in Mumbai, how can any bank lend such loan . In Private it is a proxy war.
Melvin Joseph
1 decade ago
Such things can be happen when there is an appointment of a typical private sector CEO in an old generation bank like Dhanlaksmi Bank.It is like changing the Engine alone and not repairing the other parts of a problematic train.
New Generation CEOs with short term agenda and mandate may not suit the old generation institutions. If you analyse, his past assignments, it will be more clear!
S Prabhu
1 decade ago
Manipulation of accounts and provisioning is common scenario among private banks and every MD & CEO shows glossy picture to the investors and the depositors. More banks too come out with huge losses and the top management has no accountability role.
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