Device Info: Detailed Information on the Insides of Your Phone
Device Info is a simple and powerful Android application that gives you complete information about your mobile device with advanced user interfaces and widgets. For example, device info/ phone info includes information about CPU, RAM, OS, sensors, storage, battery, SIM, Bluetooth, network, installed apps, system apps, display, camera, thermal, etc. Also, device info/ phone info can benchmark your device with hardware tests.
It gives you detailed information on the insides of your phone—be it RAM, internal storage, external storage, battery, CPU, sensors available, apps installed & optimisations, system information, CPU performance and battery health. You can get information about your connectivity, network and display also. Apps listing and app analyser provide insights into your pre-loaded and installed Apps.
Several device tests and diagnostic tests, which assess the health of your device, are included.
If you are technically inclined or even as a lay user, if some parts of your phone need to be diagnosed, this is a simple, user-friendly app for you.
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