Cleanup.Pictures: Online Tool To Have Clean Pictures
This is an online tool which helps you remove unwanted objects, defects, people or text from any of your pictures in seconds. Just upload your picture, use the brush to erase any unwanted stuff and voila! Your clean picture is ready!
You can retouch images with incredible quality. It also helps you remove watermarks, wrinkles and blemishes from an image. It can be used by architects, real estate agents, photographers, creative agencies, e-commerce sites or just laymen for enhancing their photos. The free version allows you to clean up only in standard definition (SD) mode while the Pro version allows you to handle high definition (HD) mode also. Besides, you can import and edit picture of any size in Export will be limited to 720px for the free version. There is no size limit for the Pro version. You can use the Pro version for free during the trial period and if you are satisfied, you may purchase the Pro version.
Try it today for an instant, outstanding experience to clean up your photos!
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