Canada To Deport 700 Indian Students as Visa Documents Found To Be Fake
The Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) has issued deportation notices to over 700 Indian students whose admission offer letters to educational institutions were found to be fake.
Talking to on phone from Toronto, Chaman Singh Batth said that after passing +2, about 700 students applied for study visa through Education Migration Services, Jalandhar headed by one Brijesh Mishra. These visa applications were filed in 2018 onwards till 2022.
Mr Mishra charged each student between Rs16 to Rs20 lakh for all expenses including admission fees to a premier institute Humber College. Air tickets and security deposits were not included in the payment to the agent.
Mr Batth said after he and other students landed in Toronto and were heading to Humber College, a telephone call was received from Mr Mishra telling them that all seats in the courses offered to them got filled adding that they would now have to wait till the start of the next semester after six months or else they could get admission to some other college and save time. He, however, returned their Humber College fee which further made students believe his genuineness.
Unsuspecting students, as advised by Mr Mishra, contacted another college, less known, and took admission to available two-year diploma courses. The classes commenced and after completion of the courses, students got work permits. On becoming eligible for permanent resident status in Canada, the students, as per rule, submitted relevant documents to the immigration department.
Mr Batth says: "all trouble started when CBSA scrutinised the documents on the basis which visa was granted to the students and found admission offer letters fake. Deportation notices were issued to all the students after granting them an opportunity for a hearing."
To a question, Mr Batth replied that the agent very cleverly did not himself sign our visa application files but made each student sign to show that the student was a self-applicant without hiring the services of any agent. This was deliberately done by Mr Mishra as he had faked the documents.
The CBSA officials were now not accepting the claims of innocence of the 'victims' as there was no evidence to prove that agent Mishra prepared and arranged all documents.
The CBSA was also not accepting the failure of the Canadian visa and airport authorities that issued visas and allowed them entry by checking the authenticity of all documents.
The only remedy left for the students is to challenge the deportation notices in court where proceedings may continue for three to four years. It is common knowledge that hiring the services of Canadian lawyers is a very costly proposition.
When the parents of cheated students tried to repeatedly contact the agent in Jalandhar, his office was found locked continuously.
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5 days ago
The imigration Agent was a crook.
And the kids were dumb (but kids are always like that).
The problem here has been made bigger as this was not remediated on time. Surely the visas are fake but how the hell did it take 4 years for them to notice it.
Replied to ConQueefTedor comment 5 days ago
I mean CBSA has all the information required and they should have taken time to check the Offer letters before issuing student visas in 2018.
5 days ago
Failure of the Canadian visa officers and the border security . These students are not to be blamed .the fake agent has to be found at any cost and to appear before court to give justice to the 700 genuine students at any cost and very very soon...
5 days ago
This is failure on part of Canadian authorities who issued the visas, isn't it the duty of the visa officers to verify documents before issuing visa?? Accept your failure and compensate the students who sincerely completed their studies and invested their prime time of 2-4 years. Canadian colleges collected fees from the students, now when the time has come for granting PR, you are scrutinising documents, what a HYPOCRISY?? Your government talks about human values, freedom, rights and what not. When your turn comes, you back track like anything. Shame on your Double Standards
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