Beeper: A Single App To Chat on WhatsApp, SMS / RCS and 10 Others
Join the best chat app, a single app to chat on WhatsApp, SMS / RCS, Messenger and 10 other networks. You can see all your chats in just one inbox. And, you can find the chats you are looking for with multi-network search which makes it a breeze!
Beeper does store copies of your messages on its servers, so that when you migrate to a new phone or laptop, it can restore your chats in an instant. Your conversations are, however, safe on Beeper since they are end-to-end encrypted and can be unlocked only through your recovery code.
Beeper is a unique all-in-one messaging app to keep you connected and organised without cluttering up your home screen with a bunch of different apps.
Pixel Search: Search Anything in Your Phone
Yazdi Tantra, 10 May 2024
Pixel Search is an all-inclusive search tool for your Android device. With this tool, you can search through your phone’s contacts, files, shortcuts, apps and even get web-search suggestions. All of this is included in just one place...
Stop That Social Media Distraction
Yazdi Tantra, 26 April 2024
This is one app that can save you many hours daily! It forces you to take a deep breath whenever you open distracting apps and gain back control over your time.
It’s as simple as it is effective: You will reduce your social media...
Compress and Re-size Images
Yazdi Tantra, 19 April 2024
Many a times, we have large photos which are difficult to send online due to their large size. Image Compressor Lite will be your helpful companion at such times!
This app allows you to easily compress and re-size images on your...
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