Bank strike postponed as IBA assures to resolve issues by February
Moneylife Digital Team 20 January 2015

The four-day bank strike of employees from nationalised banks has been postponed following talks between unions and IBA


The four-day strike of employees from nationalised banks scheduled to start from 21st January has been postponed. "The four-day bank strike put on hold as Indian Banks' Association (IBA) has assured to expedite talks and resolve the wage increase issue by February. Hence in the interest of banking public we have deferred the strike, " says  CH Venkatachalam, general secretary, All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA).
The strike call was given by United Forum of Bank Unions (UBFU), which has more than 10 lakh employees and officers of banking Industry under its umbrella. The UFBU is an umbrella organisation comprising of nine bank staff unions. According to earlier reports, there are 27 public sector banks in the country.
Public sector bank employees have been calling for a wage revision from November 2012 and various talks with the IBA were not successful even though the Unions have been conducting strikes over the years.
However, the unions have warned that if IBA fails to resolve the wage issue by February, then there would be fresh call for strikes. Mr Venkatachalam said, “If there is no satisfactory outcome, fresh dates of strike action in February would be announced. We expect the government to intervene and settle the demands of employees.”
8 years ago
the sooner the settlement comes the better it is for the nation. With out nationalized Banks day to day operation of the country's economy will comes to standstill. We have seen this in the past and there is no use in prolonging this sort of agitation. The younger generation of workers everywhere in our country are in a restless mood and it is difficult to pacify them.
subramani s
8 years ago
i have retired from banking service in december 2013. People in the banking industry are seing wage settlement and payment of arrears after about 30 months after the end of the previous 5 years period. this is the practice followed by the management to which the unions (ufbu) are conscious participants. All other sound bites are dramatic in nature. now a days the young workers are increasingly seeing through this and are becoming restless. this is not good for the future collective power of the workers.
I can assure the bankmen that they will get their arrears by june or july this year. (this is the way iba / govt carries out wage revision and unions are only doing only formal routines)

subramani s
sankar nagar, pammal, chennai-75
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