AfterShip: Track Packages for over 700 Carriers Worldwide
AfterShip is a package tracker which is pretty simple. It allows you to track packages for over 700 carriers worldwide. Just enter your tracking number and sit back and relax!
AfterShip will track your package in real time. You can check your shipment location on a map and get notified of the progress  automatically—no checking frequently on an app / website for the status of your documents / parcels. Once your package is out for delivery or delivered, it will notify you about that too.
The app is smart. When you enter the tracking number, it will automatically detect the carrier—how cool is that! If, for some reason, it cannot do so, it will automatically give you a few options to choose from and, most likely, the carrier will be one of them! You just have to tap to accept the carrier.
If you link your Gmail account with the app, it can even pick up the tracking number from your Gmail. If you copy a tracking number from your WhatsApp account or any other app on your phone, it will automatically tell you when it detects it in your clipboard and reminds you to enter it in the app, for easy access and tracking.
So, if you send / receive many parcels / documents, this is a very easy way to track them. And, even if the frequency is less, it is so easy and convenient. Try it out today!
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