Advertising via mobiles: India tops growth-list of 50 nations; Nokia continues dominance despite stiff competition
Moneylife Digital Team 14 October 2011

Survey shows the Finnish company holds 64.8% of market share; India is expected to be served more than 10 billion ads over mobile phones and continue its scorching growth

According to a report published by BuzzCity, a global mobile media company, India has seen the highest growth among 50 countries in mobile advertising. And this massive growth has been aided by Nokia, which still holds more than 64% of the market.

At 30% growth in mobile advertising, India is way ahead of other South Asian mobile-phone countries—most of whom have seen a decline in growth. More than 9.7 billion ads were served to 80 million unique Indian users in the third quarter, 64.8% of whom are still loyal to Nokia. “In spite of global news focusing on the demise of Nokia, countries like India reveal that the Finnish manufacturer is still a force to be reckoned with, especially in the developing world,” said the report.

Globally, Nokia commands some 52% of the mobile market. In diverse markets like USA, Vietnam, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Egypt and Poland, it continues its dominance.

The report also shows that the Indian growth story is largely dependent on mobile content itself, while some financial services offering home loans ran promotions early in the quarter. Notably, online job portals have been migrating to mobiles and have been promoting heavily in India (as well as South-East Asia and the Middle-East).

Advertisers have focused more on the youth, as more than 50% of the ads have been served to people who are between 20-29 years of age. Even users below 20 years of age have been served 18% of the ads. The most popular content has been related to dating, glamour, entertainment and lifestyle. For the next quarter, India is expected to be served more than 10 billion ads and continue growth.

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