Issue of 22nd Apr-28th Apr 2024
Investors in the Dark: Navigating SEBI’s Stand on Market-sensitive News
Once again, an anonymous source at the Indian capital market regulator has leaked information to a leading news agency about a price-sensitive investigation. Indeed, this is a case where the Supreme Court had felt the need to constitute an ‘expert’ committee to examine whether there was manipulation in stock prices and if there had been... Read More
In early March, alarmed by the flood of money rushing into small-cap funds, after a massive one-year bull run, the market regulator asked mutual funds to consider moderating flows and rebalancing portfolios, since the flows could make the market frothier. The Securities and Exchange Board of...
Tejas Networks Ltd (TNL) declared its Q4FY23-24 results on 22April 2024. We had discussed the company’s business here. On all parameters, this proved to be a blockbuster quarter for the company. Net sales increased 343% year-on-year (y-o-y) to Rs1,327 crore. While this included production...
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This engineering company is enjoying tailwinds, with strong demand from domestic and overseas business. Its products are used in diverse sectors like steel, power, chemicals, oil & gas, rubber and plastics, materials and mining, industrial cranes, water treatment, etc.  It has a strong global...
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The transformer manufacturing industry in India is witnessing strong growth, driven by rising demand for transformers across various voltage classes. With India’s focus on renewable energy, companies in this sector are experiencing a surge in inquiries and orders for transformers used in solar...
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The government of India (GoI) has undertaken a number of initiatives to promote the domestic manufacturing of room air-conditioners (RACs). In FY20-21, it banned the import of completely built and gas-charged units of ACs and has gradually increased the tariffs on components of ACs. It has also...
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The electric vehicle (EV) industry is expected to keep expanding in the near future, as the world is shifting towards greener alternatives. Lithium-ion battery is its main component. As per consensus estimates, lithium-ion battery demand is expected to grow by 17 times by 2030 that will result...
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JNK India Ltd (JNK) is in the business of manufacturing process-fired heaters, reformers and cracking furnaces, collectively referred to as ‘heating equipment’, necessary for process industries like oil & gas refineries, petrochemicals and fertiliser industries. It has capabilities in thermal...
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Last week, a former colleague called to seek guidance on handling calls she had received on WhatsApp from a 'police inspector'. She says the 'police inspector' told her that they had arrested a few youngsters in a rape case and wanted to know the whereabouts of her daughter. She found it fishy...
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