Issue of 29th Apr-5th May 2024
Shaktikanta Das's Tough New Approach to Reserve Bank’s Supervision
In 2020, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed crippling restrictions on HDFC Bank, India’s largest bank by market-capitalisation, sending shock waves throughout the banking industry. RBI asked the Bank to stop all digital business generating activity and sourcing new credit cards until it fixed the recurring outages that disrupted operations at... Read More
India's business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce industry is set for a substantial growth, providing opportunities for enterprises operating in this sector. As companies in different fields increasingly embrace digital transformation, the demand for online platforms that can enable efficient...
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India remains a dynamic market, witnessing the initiation of several large solar engineering projects and construction (EPC) projects. As the country addressed issues related to land and transmission, at state and Central government levels, growth has picked up. Gujarat and Rajasthan stand out...
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Environmental challenges, like climate change and dwindling resources, force us to rethink how we use materials. Our current model of heavy industry and rapid development creates massive waste, with limited recycling. This creates a huge gap, especially for recycling of hazardous materials...
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Rapid expansion of industry requires the support of quick and reliable logistics. Also, the cost of logistics plays a major role. Various segments of the logistics sector are estimated to witness 8% to 15% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next two-three years. In Q4FY23-24, the...
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The chemicals industry in India encompasses a wide range of products, with over 80,000 commercial offerings including bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals, agro-chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers and fertilisers. It is projected that, by 2030, the chemicals industry will contribute a...
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Indegene provides digital-led commercialisation services for the life sciences industry, including biopharmaceuticals, emerging biotech and medical devices companies, assisting them with drug development and clinical trials, regulatory submissions, pharma-covigilance and complaints management...
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The best three and the worst three mutual fund schemes over the past three years ranked by their quarterly rolling returns. Premium members get access to a more refined list of top schemes by logging into Moneylife Advisory.                                   ...
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The concept of the golden hour plays a very crucial and important role in our lives, be it for prompt medical and surgical treatment to prevent death after an accident or clicking magical photos during the golden hour shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The same golden hour concept also...
A new book, The Psychology of Memory, explores the fascinating science of memory, offering practical tips to improve recall. Authors Dr Megan Sumeracki and Dr Althea Need Kaminske, who are US –based psychologists, emphasise that losing everyday items such as keys is a common experience and that...
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