Issue of 18th Mar-24th Mar 2024
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Political Parties Must Be Subject To the Same Stringent Transparency Rules as NGOs
The Supreme Court of India's (SC) sensational order on 14th February, declaring the electoral bond scheme 'unconstitutional', has been a landmark decision. By mandating the mapping of donors to funds and beneficiaries, the SC has turned the spotlight on the need for transparency and accountability from political parties. (Read: Electoral... Read More
India's laptop imports were around Rs42,625.18 crore (over US$5bn—billion) in FY22-23; domestic manufacturing output was around US$75bn.To reduce imports and boost local manufacturing, the country has set an ambitious goal of reaching US$300bn by 2026 with the target for laptops and tablets set...
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This is a dominant packaging company in the domestic industrial polymer packaging sector, commanding a 60% market share. It holds the title of the largest global manufacturer of large-size plastic drums, ranks as the second-largest producer of composite cylinders, and as the third-largest...
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This hospital chain is geographically diversified, as well as operates in a range of operational specialties ranging from cardiac-care and renal sciences to oncology, neurosciences, orthopaedics and gastro-enterology. It has capital expenditure (capex) plans of Rs1,200 crore in FY23-24 and...
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India is known as the pharmacy of the world as about 20% of the global exports in generic drugs are met by India. It is a crucial supplier of generic drugs. Generic drugs are used interchangeably with branded drugs in the market as they are similar to the branded drugs or reference listed...
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This hospital group has an established presence in the south Indian market with operational track record of around 16 years in the tertiary and quaternary healthcare segments. It has brand value and benefits from the long experience of promoters. It has bed capacity of around 3,975 and is...
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