Issue of 1st Apr-7th Apr 2024
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Will the Supreme Court Put the Brakes on Patanjali's Decade-long Misinformation Spree?
Court proceedings on 2nd April indicate that the Supreme Court (SC) may finally end Patanjali Ayurved’s (Patanjali’s) 10-year spree of misleading advertisements which have made unverified claims about its products while disparaging rivals in every business sector the home-grown multinational operates in. About time too!   Incensed at the... Read More
This company is rated A+ positive by CRISIL and India Ratings highlighting its superior economic profile marked by operational integration, strong market position and improved financial risk profile. It has more than 2,900 employees with average age of around 40 years. It has...
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The Indian electricity sector is poised for significant transformation in the current decade (2020-2029), encompassing changes in demand growth, energy-mix and market operations. Currently, production levels are insufficient to meet the growing demand, leading to an annual deficit of...
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India holds a prominent position in the global home textiles trade. The surge in demand from the hospitality and residential sectors worldwide is a key driver for growth in home textiles. India not only stands as a significant consumer market for home textiles but also ranks among the top...
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The 'Maritime India Vision 2030 (MIV 2030)' document, published by the Union ministry of ports, shipping, and waterways, outlines action plans to elevate India to one of the top-10 shipbuilding nations globally, requiring initiatives such as channelling cargo to boost demand, strengthening the...
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Bharti Hexacom Ltd (BHL) is a communications solutions-provider offering consumer mobile services, fixed-line telephone and broadband services to customers in the telecommunication circles of Rajasthan and the North-East in India (comprising Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram,...
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In 2009, Germany, technologically one of the most advanced nations, ended electronic voting with the Federal Constitutional Court finding that the inability to have meaningful public scrutiny meant that electronic voting was unconstitutional. Stressing the need for transparency, constitutional...
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