Issue of 10th Jun-16th Jun 2024
From Modi 3.0 to NDA 3.0: A New Era of Course Correction & Balancing Conflicts
It is too early to judge, but the salutary impact of the people’s election verdict is perhaps evident from the fact that we have moved from Modi Sarkar 3 or Modi 3.0 to NDA 3.0, despite a pliant media’s slow recognition of this change.    Prime minister (PM) Narendra Modi, after being sworn-in for the third time, has retained his core team... Read More
The Indian government has announced a recycling policy for various products like metals and plastic packaging. Regulations have been introduced whereby all the brand owners and manufacturers are required to have 30% recycled contents in their plastic packaging from FY25-26 and this limit would...
Moneylife Digital Team
Steel processing industry is set to grow with healthy demand from end-user industries like automobiles, construction, power and oil & gas. Government emphasis on electric vehicles (EVs), including buses, is visible with new orders. The government is focusing on Gati Shakti, Jal Jeevan programme...
Moneylife Digital Team
Global manufacturers are looking to diversify their sourcing due to supply-chain disruptions and uncertainty in China. India offers strong alternatives with scale, technology, raw materials and supportive government policies. The chemicals sector in India is well-positioned to benefit from this...
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India's installed power capacity is expected to reach 616GW (gigawatts) by 2027 and 900GWby 2032, up from 442GW in March 2024.  The Indian government's ‘National Energy Policy’ outlines an ambitious plan to significantly expand the country's installed renewable power capacity over the coming...
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The electric vehicle (EV) sector is predicted to grow in the near future as the world shifts to greener alternatives. Its main component is a lithium-ion battery. According to one estimate, lithium-ion battery consumption would increase by 17 times by 2030, resulting in lower per-unit battery...
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Le Travenues Technology Ltd (brand name Ixigo) is an online travel agency (OTA) that allows travellers to plan, book and manage their trips across rail, air, buses and hotels. Its focus is on travel utility and customer experience for travellers in the ‘next billion user’ market segment. The...
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In May 2024, HDFC Bank and Infosys were the most preferred stocks of Indian mutual funds. The net purchases of HDFC Bank were Rs4,788 crore. Bajaj Finance and Hindustan Aeronautics were the most sold stocks. The net sales of Bajaj Finance were Rs1,926 crore and net sales of Hindustan...
Moneylife Digital Team
The antivirus app installed on your mobile device is expected to protect you, right? But what if the same app is also handing over your browser history to a major marketing company? In January 2020, PC magazine found out that user data was being shared between Avast and its subsidiary Jumpshot....
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